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NameFloorTypeAreaBalcony / terraceOrientationStatusPriceDetailshf:att:pa_dispozicehf:att:pa_podlazihf:att:pa_orientacehf:att:pa_stav
201110.1+kk37.99 m²7.58 m²SAvailable6 526 000 Detail1kk-en10-ens-endostupn-en-2
201010.2+kk49.07 m²6.23 m²SAvailable8 091 000 Detail2kk-en10-ens-endostupn-en-2
200810.2+kk69.28 m²24.03 m²S, Z, JAvailable11 720 000 Detail2kk-en10-ens-z-j-endostupn-en-2
200510.3+kk87.44 m²34.61 m²JAvailable15 763 000 Detail3kk-en10-enj-endostupn-en-2
200410.3+kk85.09 m²9.2 m²V, J, SAvailable13 497 000 Detail3kk-en10-env-j-s-endostupn-en-2
29139.1+kk42.42 m²2.49 m²SAvailable6 581 000 Detail1kk-en9-ens-endostupn-en-2
29109.1+kk37.53 m²2.83 m²S, ZAvailable5 816 000 Detail1kk-en9-ens-z-endostupn-en-2
29099.1+kk42.9 m²2.9 m²J, ZAvailable6 684 000 Detail1kk-en9-enj-z-endostupn-en-2
29089.2+kk57.23 m²4.77 m²JAvailable8 919 000 Detail2kk-en9-enj-endostupn-en-2
29079.2+kk52.87 m²6.36 m²JAvailable8 386 000 Detail2kk-en9-enj-endostupn-en-2
28138.1+kk42.42 m²2.49 m²SAvailable6 401 000 Detail1kk-en8-ens-endostupn-en-2
28108.1+kk37.53 m²2.83 m²S, ZAvailable5 656 000 Detail1kk-en8-ens-z-endostupn-en-2
28098.1+kk42.9 m²2.9 m²J, ZAvailable6 502 000 Detail1kk-en8-enj-z-endostupn-en-2
28078.2+kk52.87 m²6.36 m²JAvailable8 157 000 Detail2kk-en8-enj-endostupn-en-2
28068.2+kk54.48 m²5.9 m²JAvailable8 358 000 Detail2kk-en8-enj-endostupn-en-2
28048.3+kk87.2 m²9.2 m²V, J, SAvailable12 966 000 Detail3kk-en8-env-j-s-endostupn-en-2
27137.1+kk42.42 m²2.49 m²SAvailable6 342 000 Detail1kk-en7-ens-endostupn-en-2
27087.2+kk57.23 m²4.77 m²JAvailable8 595 000 Detail2kk-en7-enj-endostupn-en-2
27077.2+kk52.87 m²6.36 m²JAvailable8 081 000 Detail2kk-en7-enj-endostupn-en-2
28038.3+kk80.04 m²11.58 m²VPre-reservedDetail3kk-en8-env-en-2pedrezervovno-en-2
26076.2+kk52.87 m²6.36 m²JAvailable8 004 000 Detail2kk-en6-enj-endostupn-en-2
26046.3+kk87.2 m²9.2 m²V, J, SAvailable12 724 000 Detail3kk-en6-env-j-s-endostupn-en-2
26036.3+kk80.04 m²11.58 m²VAvailable12 123 000 Detail3kk-en6-env-en-2dostupn-en-2
26056.2+kk53.39 m²4.91 m²JPre-reservedDetail2kk-en6-enj-enpedrezervovno-en-2
24134.1+kk42.42 m²2.49 m²SAvailable6 114 000 Detail1kk-en4-ens-endostupn-en-2
24094.1+kk42.9 m²2.9 m²J, ZAvailable6 210 000 Detail1kk-en4-enj-z-endostupn-en-2
23133.1+kk42.42 m²2.49 m²SAvailable6 042 000 Detail1kk-en3-ens-endostupn-en-2
23093.1+kk42.9 m²2.9 m²J, ZAvailable6 137 000 Detail1kk-en3-enj-z-endostupn-en-2
23063.2+kk54.48 m²5.9 m²JAvailable7 889 000 Detail2kk-en3-enj-endostupn-en-2
23033.3+kk80.04 m²11.58 m²VAvailable11 670 000 Detail3kk-en3-env-en-2dostupn-en-2
23023.3+kk86.93 m²10.75 m²V, SAvailable12 611 000 Detail3kk-en3-env-s-endostupn-en-2
23013.1+kk35.82 m²5.74 m²SAvailable5 354 000 Detail1kk-en3-ens-endostupn-en-2
22132.1+kk42.42 m²2.49 m²SAvailable6 013 000 Detail1kk-en2-ens-endostupn-en-2
23043.3+kk87.2 m²9.2 m²V, J, SPre-reservedDetail3kk-en3-env-j-s-enpedrezervovno-en-2
22082.2+kk57.23 m²4.77 m²JAvailable8 149 000 Detail2kk-en2-enj-endostupn-en-2
22062.2+kk54.48 m²5.9 m²JAvailable7 850 000 Detail2kk-en2-enj-endostupn-en-2
22022.3+kk86.93 m²10.75 m²V, SAvailable12 550 000 Detail3kk-en2-env-s-endostupn-en-2
21081.1+kk41.79 m²13.52 m²J, ZAvailable6 668 000 Detail1kk-en1-enj-z-endostupn-en-2
21071.2+kk50.29 m²7.44 m²J, ZAvailable7 272 000 Detail2kk-en1-enj-z-endostupn-en-2

The listed price includes VAT and is without a parking space and a cellar space. Parking spaces for each apartment are sold separately. For more information contact the seller.

Special offer

For parking with the purchase of any apartment, covering up to 100% of the fee for the parking spot.

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Special offer

For parking with the purchase of any apartment, covering up to 100% of the fee for the parking spot.

Please fill the contact form below – our sales team will get back to you.

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